Can cats eat honey?

The answer is yes, cats can eat honey. But only raw honey (pure natural honey) is good for cats. What is raw honey like? Generally, it is the thick white one, which is sold in a certain treasure.

Raw honey is great for cats because it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and can help with minor allergic reactions. If your cat has an allergic reaction of any kind, feeding him a little raw honey may clear things up in no time.

01. Application of honey in veterinary medicine

There are mainly the following applications:

heal wounds
reduce intestinal inflammation
Auxiliary treatment of gastric ulcer
reduce the chance of infection

02. How much to eat

It mainly depends on whether cats like to eat or not. Some cats don’t like to eat, and you can’t feed them with a bite. Some cats like to eat honey like cheese. But even if you love to eat, don't give too much, otherwise it will cause gastrointestinal burden to the cat.

Generally speaking, for smaller cats (less than 6 catties), it is enough to give 2ml at a time, and for larger cats, 5ml at a time

It should be noted that if the cat’s digestive system is not good, do not give raw honey directly, otherwise it may cause further digestive problems.

03. Four Considerations

If you plan to feed your cat raw honey, here are some suggestions.

Only feed the cat when it likes it. If others don’t eat it, don’t force feed it.
Only raw honey is good for cats, processed honey is not good, not good, not good.
When you first start feeding, be sure to take a small amount, a small amount.

Do not feed raw honey to diabetic cats, obese cats, or cats younger than 2 months.
Except for treatment needs, in fact, daily, I personally recommend not to eat.